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During her years as a designer, Designer One has successfully learned to work in both renovation and new construction projects and is eager to meet with clients and listen to their “wish lists”.  Through her many years of experience, Designer One has also gained an extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the project including Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry, appliances, flooring, lighting, counter-tops and back-splashes as well as the other features that are incorporated into her designs.

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Want to get to know Designer One better? We asked her about her thoughts on designing…

How Do you approach design? 

A good design is combining all the aspects of the job and creating a plan that meets each need in the best way possible.  Function, style, budget are some of the key elements but there are so many pieces to the puzzle.  The relationship with the client and understanding their vision is single the most important piece.

What are some of the factors you consider in remodel projects? 

Each client has a different set of criteria.  For some it’s about resale and budget.  For others, it’s about their lifestyle and personal enjoyment.  Each client reveals their “hot button issues” and it’s my job to explore the options and design to their wishes.

What are the factors to consider in a new building?

Staying alert to the builder’s timeline and coordinating within their construction cycle while giving the homeowners a personal experience that everyone will be happy with, in the end.

How do you determine the best use of space?

A good designer evaluates each space and knows what is best suited and a good fit for the client’s needs.  Tweaking the guidelines and standards that will result in excellent solutions. 

What is your favorite room and why?

The kitchen, of course!  I feel it’s the heart of the home.  Everything happens in the kitchen, feeding your family, children doing homework, visiting with friends and neighbors, creativity in cooking, watching the news, reading the paper, and even opening the mail!

What important fact do you think people overlook when planning a new kitchen or bath?

I think some people overlook the value of spending a little more money for a quality product and design because it seems too much at the time.  The short term benefit of a less expensive product is long gone while the benefit of quality lasts and lasts.

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